clarity enhanced diamonds - 10 things to know

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So what do you need to know about clarity enhanced diamonds?

We've compiled a short list that you can "arm" yourself with.

1. Clarity enhanced diamonds are REAL DIAMONDS. while they do go quite a lot of treatments they are genuine diamonds.

2. Clarity enhanced diamonds are organic and natural, they are not lab grown.

3. Clarity enhanced diamonds are cheaper compared to traditional ones, showing a difference of about 50%-70% off of list price.

4. The clarity enhancement process was created and designed right here, in the Israeli diamond exchange, and has been perfected here for the past 30+ years.

5. The diamond treatment process is a tailor-made custom process, and not every diamond goes the same amount of work, as they each possess different imperfections and inclusions.

6. Not all diamonds can be enhanced, since they need to be of certain quality and have specific attributes.

7. When we call our process "surgical", we actually mean it. The laser used in the laser drilling process is of surgical grade, and is the one used for corrective eye surgery and tumor removal.

8. Unlike old-school solutions and fillings, we use a more advanced silicone based solution that is both more durable and untraceable to the naked eye.

9. The treatment is extremely durable, and comes with a lifetime guarantee.

10. CE diamonds require a notice to your jeweler. If in the future you would need to re-size your jewelry, please let that person know they are dealing in CE goods in order to protect the treatment.
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