What are clarity enhanced diamonds?

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What are clarity enhanced diamonds?

While all diamonds are naturally mined beautiful, they are rarely flawless.

In fact, Experts estimate that only one in seven million diamonds recovered will produce a one carat stone that can be graded as flawless (and is priced as such).

Percentage of mined diamond by clarity

Rough diamonds are naturally mined bearing within slightly visible black carbons, internal inclusions and fractures. 
The cutting and perfecting process of the diamond
is destined to overcome all these natural imperfections, rarely achieving an impeccable state of a “finished” diamond.

Due to the large increase in the supply of diamonds in late 19th, early 20th centuries, originating from Africa, was a desire to organize this mass, and be able to categorize and rank these stones by worth. Since diamonds that are eye clean have always been favored on the public, these diamonds have become more valuable than ones with eye-visible inclusions, making it an important issue not only aesthetically, but also economically.

These dark inclusions in the stone are commonly created by small deposits of minerals such as graphite, sulfide and even Iron.

The History of Clarity Enhanced diamonds 

For as long as man valued certain materials, such as gems, over others, he sought a way to make them appear brighter, shinier and more attractive. The history of diamond treatments parallels that of human advancement, as one technological step after another was used to perfect the almost perfect diamond. And, hand in hand with human technological advances accelerated in the past 100 years, 20th century gemologists witnessed the introductions of gem treatments that were far beyond the imaginations of early diamond treatments - that would reshape the world of contemporary diamantaires. 

The clarity enhancement procedure was invented to overcome these limits in the traditional perfecting process and actually refers to treatments done to a mined diamond in order to reduce these visible faults and imperfections.

The idea of ce diamonds had emerged in the early 80's out of a new perception across the world of diamonds as fashion items, and not solely as an investment. Aside from diamond's classic role as the quintessential item in special occasions and ceremonies, a need
to wear beautiful jewelry in everyday life, and to be able to choose diamond jewelry to accessorize different outfits, created a demand for beautiful diamonds at affordable prices.

Due to the one-of-a-kind molecular structure of the natural diamond, many of the rough stones aren't suitable for manufacturing diamonds that suit the process of clarity enhancement. In fact, less than 15% of naturally imperfect diamonds are fit for our enhancement treatment.

The term "clarity enhancement" (or "c.e. diamonds") actually refers to 2 types of procedures done to the diamond in order to create the "clarity enhanced diamond".

The clarity enhancement process:

  • Laser drilled clarity enhanced diamonds - delicate surgery-grade lasers are used to create microscopic channels used to reach the inclusions and dissolve them. This procedure does not affect the diamond's strenght and integrity. To learn more about laser drilled clarity enhanced diamonds.
  • Fracture filling clarity enhancement - an advanced silicone-based solution is used to fill the fractures within the diamond. This solution has been developed through extensive testing for the past 30 years, in the chase of a completely eye clean, transperant and organic process, retaining and upgrading a diamond's natural reflective and refractive qualities. for more information about fracture filled diamonds.

Using cutting edge technology and the latest advancement in wash solutions, our advanced clarity enhancement procedure carries a life-time guarantee to its durability.


Glogowski diamonds' clarity enhancement procedure's result
The Glogowski diamond's treated diamond process is a complete, advanced and naturally-looking procedure that guarantees an amazing looking diamond
for the price of its original grade.
This comes from our 20+ years of experience in the field of clarity enhanced diamonds, testing different solutions and different tools in order to perfect the end result.

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