Diamond certificate and certification process

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What is a diamond certificate?

A certificate is an official piece of paper, describing the diamond's qualities.

The diamond undergoes extensive testing by gemologists using delicate microscopic machinery, issuing a report about a diamond's clarity, measurements, symmetry, cut, polish and other details, creating a complete guide for that diamond.

Why do I need a diamond certificate?

In other articles, we've given you a lot of information about diamonds and their properties, explaining how to calculate the value of a diamond and hopefully given you insight into how to pick the right gem for your diamond engagement ring, and trade secrets from the experts at the glogowski diamond company.

All of this data may make you an expert on diamonds, but you lack both experience and the cutting-edge tools and microscopes in order to really delve into the diamond's core.

This diamond certificate is also a 3rd party guarantee of the diamond's authenticity and quality given to each unique diamond. Diamonds are a big investment and you deserve to get all the specifics about the item you're about to purchase, so get your diamond certified! 

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA)

The Gemological institute, or GIA for short, is the leader authority in all things Gemological.

Established as a non-profit institute dedicated to the research and development of gemology in 1931, this institute set the standards and definitions that we use to this very day.

Originally based out of a home of an L.A. based jeweler, who wanted to professionalize the industry, today this institute operates from 14 countries with 7 advanced testing laboratories worldwide.

Aside from furthering the classification and natural attributes of diamonds and fine gems, educating gemologists and gem technicians worldwide and housing the premiere library of gemological knowledge, they've developed tools, scales and procedures to grade and evaluate diamonds in their laboratories, issuing that unique diamond with what might be called a “diamond birth certificate”.

IGL Certificate

IGL, or the international Gemological Laboratory, is a certification and diamond certificate laboratory based in the heart of the Israeli diamond exchange.

IGL Diamond Certificate

IGL has pioneered a scientific system used to evaluate a diamond's cut.

It's name is widespread globally as both an innovator in advancing gemological science and as a trusted appraiser by jewelry retailers, diamond manufacturers and clients alike.

EGC Certificate

The European Gemological Center (or EGC) Is a certification laboratory based in Israel that has been founded in 1975 and is now spread all over the world, with it's laboratories (Known as EGL) all over Europe, Africa and Asia.

EGL Diamond Certificate

Using a 3rd party appraisal and certificate laboratory allows us to ensure you, the client, that all of our clarity enhanced diamonds are 100% conflict free kimberly diamonds, and are mined, polished and clarity enhanced ethically, responsibly and professionally both towards human labour and the environment.
A certified diamond is also much more valuable for re-sell.

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