So how much less are we talking about when we're offering diamonds for less? well, the quick and easy question is - it depends.

Every diamond is unique - it has it's own shine, it's own spirit and beauty, but sadly, also it's own flaws and faults. Every one of these unique charactaristics either raises or lowers the innate worth of the stone. Due to this uniqueness, and other technical limitations, not all diamonds can go through the "clarity enhanced diamond" process and become treated diamonds, nor do they require the exact same amount of work which ultimately affects it's end price making it much less than untreated diamonds... but how much "less" are we talking about when we say diamonds for less?

diamonds for less

When comparing 2 identical* stones, for example, a 0.20 D VS2 diamond costs $177.32, a similar untreated stone sells for $332,  47% off for the same stone!

We've checked our very competitive friends again (and we're talking about a very large online jeweler that is extremely competitive here), and for a 1.00ct E VS1, a very beautiful stone, they charge $6445, while we charge $3,140 -  52% off! 

If you compare it to your traditional retailers and jewelers, the price difference jumps to as high as 70% off, when you get diamonds for less, it's easy to favor clarity enhanced diamonds!

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* No stones are really identical, as there are many different attributes, but the 4C grading system allows diamonds to be compared, as most of the characteristics that influence the diamond price can easily be matched.
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