Discount diamonds

So the time has come, and you've decided to get that something special for that someone special, and you're about to pop the question - "Can I afford this diamond ring?"

Well,  there's a silver lining on that cloud, friend, and it's called clarity enhanced diamonds. We've discussed what clarity enhanced diamonds are in a previous article and how they are technological marvels, but we haven't discussed their value for money quite enough.

Well, one of the reasons clarity enhanced diamonds are called discount diamonds is due to their incredible price. But the main reason is this - not many people know this outside the official diamond trade, but the trade is actually based on a "list price". This list was created and updated by the people of Rapaport who release a monthly list detailing the expected and evaluated cost of a specific diamond. This list is obviously just a helpful document to make sense of the diamond trade and in some to most cases they sell diamonds for less than list price, but clarity enhanced diamonds are always sold far below list price (in prices of 50%-70% "below list") - making them a discount item. 

discount diamonds for less

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