How to save on the cost of an engagement ring

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Step one: clarity enhanced diamonds

There are many engagement ring alternatives, but our favorite one would always be a clarity enhanced diamond engagement ring.

The first step of this "how to buy (and save on) an engagement ring" guide starts with the solitaire diamond. We've discussed treated diamonds quite a few times in the past, but now is another time to bring up how to cost of clarity enhanced solitaire loose diamonds will reduce the price of your engagement ring drastically.

Not all diamonds are born equal, but on the budget end of our loose clarity enhanced diamond list you'll find attractive eye clean diamonds in various sizes, and even more important, in different shapes, and not just the traditional brilliant round cut.

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Step two: select ring material

While there are alternatives (for example Platinum), and materials are always a matter of taste, the most common one used in engagement rings is Gold.
As we've discussed in an article about gold, there isn't a price difference between red, white and yellow gold. While we carry all sorts, we always go for white gold, as we feel it's the most classic choice.

Another material we use is Platinum - While there isn't a meaningful difference between gold prices and platinum prices,  fine gold is never used in jewelry, instead we use 18kt gold (about 75% fine gold) while platinum is always used 100% fine, making the price of a platinum engagement ring about 40%-50% more expensive. 

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Step three: setting the ring

The last part is quite an easy one and it's strictly a technicallity. We at Glogowski diamonds cover all expenses of setting and resizing the ring to fit your exact measurement, and you can even use our ring size guide to find the best fit for you and the end result should look something like this:

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