CE diamonds are the perfect answer to a new desire: to purchase and wear beautiful diamond jewelry not only on special occasions but as a day to day must item

This fresh attitude gives you the chance to buy natural and beautiful diamonds as always, for affordable prices

CE diamonds background:

The idea of clarity enhancement had emerged in the early 80's out of a new perception across the world of diamonds as fashion items, and not solely as items to keep in a safe for investment. Along the fact that diamonds are considered to be a "must have" item in special occasions and ceremonies (weddings, engagement etc.) a new desire had emerged: to wear beautiful jewelry not only on special occasions but also in everyday life, and to be able to choose a different diamond for a different outfit. This fresh attitude sets a new challenge to the diamond market: to sell natural and beautiful diamonds as always, but for reasonable prices. The answer to this challenge was clarity enhanced diamonds.

CE diamonds make a good investment:

In order to make a good investment, some factors have to exist: the first one is our ability to afford it, the second is the prospect yield of the price of our investment in the future, third is that our investment will be durable and long lasting. CE diamonds are extremely affordable being naturally mined diamonds, Clarity enhanced diamond price rose dramatically in the past two decades embodying a rise of 50% in value! And most of all: they are natural and beautiful.


Glogowski Diamonds is one of the leading companies to upgrade diamonds with the extraordinary process of enhancement, attaching itself to every innovation occurring in the diamond enhancement field, developing and perfecting the CE diamond with new techniques and knowledge.

The experience and knowledge we acquired enables us to provide the highest CE diamonds available, especially in terms of luster, durability and most important, price! Due to our level of involvement in the CE diamonds industry, we are able to offer unbeatable prices.

Glogowski Diamonds is proud to consider itself one of the only few companies that enhance diamonds in small sizes starting at 0.01 carat!

Method and techniques:

Due to the unique molecular structure of the natural diamond, many of the rough stones are not suitable for manufacturing diamonds that suits the process of clarity enhancement. Only 15% of the natural imperfect diamonds are suitable for a high quality durable enhancement process.

Glogowski Diamonds Ltd. inspects the diamonds it enhances, selecting them out of thousands of diamonds in the most thorough manner, with no compromises taken in consideration. Only the best outcome in terms of luster and durability, allowing us to provide our customers with a life time guarantee for the enhancement process!

The result is simply amazing. A perfect diamond emerges, one that looks amazing, but costs up to 70% LESS than a traditional diamond, making the clarity enhanced diamonds the best value for money item in the whole diamond sector. This unique and marvelous process changed the face of the diamond industry forever, come and take part in this great leap forward.

We in Glogowski Diamonds feel we had brought the clarity enhanced diamond to perfection, we invite you to enjoy perfection.

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