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Fancy color diamonds are extremely rare and traded much differently than any other diamond. The conditions under which the fancy color diamonds are created are highly unique and they result in diamonds in spectacular colors. Pink as a rose, purple as an English violet, green as leaves of a tree and blue as the ocean - all of these shades are only a part of the colors in which fancy color diamonds appear. In Glogowski Diamonds we have an access to great stocks of thousands of fancy color diamonds, and we can guarantee to make great efforts in locating the fancy color diamond of your desire. All you have to do to is to submit an order or request a price offer, and we will start the search.


The process itself in which fancy diamonds are created is much the same as white diamonds, but during this process external and foreign elements penetrate and connect to the diamond's carbon atoms, giving it its color. Different foreign elements penetrating the diamond structure and different levels of pressure create different colors and hues. Hydrogen penetrating the structure will give the diamond a purple hue. Boron will give blue hues. Orange and yellow diamonds were penetrated by Nitrogen, brown or red and pink diamonds are created in a high amount of pressure. And green diamonds are the result of an underground exposure to natural radiation for millions of years.


The value of a fancy color diamond is determined quite differently than white diamonds. The main difference is in the color scaling. While white diamonds worth more as they posses less color, fancy color diamonds worth more as they posses vivid hues and unique colors. This is why the determination of the fancy color diamond's color is by examining the stone by two scales: one scale includes the hues of the stone, which can contain up to two shades. Additionally, the saturation of these hues is measured by the second scale - in which fancy vivid - the highest classification of this parameter, reflects a vibrant color.


Fancy color diamonds have a higher value as they possess a more vital color. The volume of the shade not only relies on the natural conditions in which the diamond was created, but also on the quality of the polish and cut. Glogowski Diamonds, as a professional in this field, has an excellent experience in bringing the unique fancy color diamonds to fulfill their highest potential. So color up your life and let us find for you the fancy color diamond of your dreams.


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