Our Diamond - One of a Kind

One of the most beautiful things about diamonds is their uniqueness. No diamond is like another,We believe that our clients are individually unique as well

Glogowski Diamonds is an expert in matching a unique loose diamond to its unique client.

The Glogowski diamond is beautiful and affordable. As its high degree of clarity, we believe that transparency and accuracy are a must in the diamonds industry, just like a diamond is a must in your jewelry collection.

The Glogowski diamond is an assorted diamond, handled carefully starting from the assorting and manufacturing process, through the highest quality of enhancement, perfected through years of experience. Finally, reaching the most important stage, certification and documentation, examined first by an indoor gemologist and immediately sent for certification by a third party highly known gemological institute, assuring an outcome without compromise, we are proud to call the Glogowski diamond.

being a third generation diamond traders, paying attention to the beating heart of the global diamond market along the global economy, Glogowski Diamonds had long decided to deliver a message of diamonds marketing methods: diamonds can be sold according to the HIGHST VALUE FOR LESS MONEY principal!.

We in Glogowski Diamonds guarantee our clients the best price available in  the market of clarity enhanced loose diamonds and jewelry.


Not all diamonds are alike. Some diamonds have flaws, some are too expensive, but the Glogowski diamond is different - beautiful, full of sparkle and affordable. Our policy is value for money and transparency, and our goal is to make you one of the Glogowski happy customer's family. Our way to achieve this goal is by selling a variety of beautiful and quality loose CE diamonds, which are chosen carefully out of a great assortment and enhanced professionally, for unbeatable prices, and to give you a great service along the way and all the information you need to become an expert regarding the diamonds you own.


The Glogowski diamond is chosen carefully and it is being cut and polished delicately and accurately by experts. Through this process we use our knowledge which we collected through our experience of three generations and by being one of the pioneers who developed the clarity enhancement process.

Our loose diamonds are a combination of wonderful natural stones, 30 years of experience and the great inventions that the diamond industry had brought to the world. To guarantee that we provide you the best diamond we can, we use the highest standard of diamond grading method - we first examine the diamond by an indoor gemologist and then it is being inspected by a third party laboratory. This is why we give you, as a Glogowski customer, a certificate and a life-time guarantee to the clarity enhancement process.


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