When purchasing a diamond ring, usually the scenario is a surprise for a loved one.



If you know the ring size of your beloved – you are in an ideal situation.

But your surprise can get into a tricky situation if you don't have any clue about his or hers ring size or about the subject.



You don't want to bring a ring too small or too large; you want the size of your ring to be perfect, just like you imagined your present to be.



Another possible scenario is a purchase of a diamond ring for yourself. Even then, it is possible that you do not know the size you should choose. Also, different types of rings may require different sizes, according to their form and thickness.



The best way to determine a ring size is by measuring a finger or a ring in a jewelry store and checking what type of measuring system was used, before purchasing your desired ring. In this section we offer you information regarding ring sizes, and several ways to determine them.



Rest assured that even if you missed, and the ring size is incorrect, resizing is not a complex task or an expensive one, and it can be done at almost any jewelry store.



In Glogowski Diamonds we are offering you all our rings in different ring sizes.

The ring size adjustment during the purchase is free of charge, in order to help you make your beloved happy - not only because of the ring you chose, but also because the way it fits her.

The best way to determine the ring size needed is by measuring the finger that is about to wear the ring or a ring which is worn on that same finger, in a jewelry shop. This is the most accurate way to decide which ring size to choose.



If you can't go to a jewelry shop, we offer you several ways to measure the ring size needed. But please note that measuring a ring size by your self is less recommended.


In order to try and measure the ring size needed you can compare a ring worn usually by the finger with the printable ring sizer in the next tab. Please note that thicker rings usually require larger sizes. Another important issue is the fact that ring size is not marked by a universal scale. This is why it is important to make sure that the scale used for measuring fits the scale used for the purchase, according to the country.




Find this measuring issue too complex? The most common ring sizes for women are between 3 to 9. So even if you don't have any clue regarding your beloved's ring size, you can always choose one of these common sizes, and hope it will fit. In the less fortunate scenario, the ring size chosen wouldn't fit, and you'll get it fixed in a jewelry shop at no time.

Several tips for measurement of ring size:


Measure the ring several times.


Remember that a ring should be able to stay on the finger but it is important to be able to remove the ring.

Leave a little room for comfort between your beloved's finger and the beloved ring.



Ask your beloved's close ones if they know what is her ring size.


The attached document can help you measure your ring or your beloved's ring size at your own home.

Download ring sizer

Ring size measure converter