In Glogowski Diamonds we believe that the best way to make a wholesale diamonds customer fully satisfied is by helping him in his own success. We are proud to offer you a full range of services that will help you give the best service and offers to your happy customers. Use our comprehensive experience, high-tech clarity enhancement procedures and unbeatable wholesale diamond prices to your advantage! 

These are just some of the services we offer our wholesale diamonds customers:

Drop Shipping

Glogowski Diamonds offers a very advanced service of drop shipping.
This gives you, the retailer, a chance to sell goods via the web,
taking advantage of our wholesale diamonds prices, and we manufacture
the jewels and send them for you - directly to the customer.
Drop shipping saves you time and money, and lets you enjoy incomes
without any hard work on the jewels themselves.

Consultation and Training

We want our retailers to be professionals and successful,
because your success is our success.
This is the reason we offer you consultation
regarding stones and goods, and trainings in setting
clarity enhanced diamonds.

Private Stock

By becoming our wholesale diamonds customer,
you can enjoy a private stock that is kept for you since your first order -
for a determined period of time, free of charge.
This promise you won't be out of stock,
and all you have to do in order to claim the stock is place an order.

Full Access

Glogowski Diamonds is located at the center of
the diamond District in Israel. Our wholesale diamonds customers
can meet us in our offices in Israel and receive full access
to the heart of the Diamond trade - the Israeli diamond trade center.

Wide industry connections

Our deep routed contacts in the global manufacturer's center in India
give our wholesale diamonds customers the chance to reach our top suppliers.

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